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Welcome to Green Croydon, a one stop location for a range of environmental and community linked activities in the borough. That might be an event, a new group or organisation or an idea. We actively encourage residents to get involved in making Croydon a great place because it is up to all of us to do so.

Check out our latest project which is a Textile Repair Cafe based in the Whitgift Centre.

We also support Fairtrade, Wateraid and Terracycle. Plus all the boroughs environmental groups and the work of the Croydon Transition movement with their various initiatives.

Green Croydon supports the establishment and sustainability of community gardens and pop up projects such as the Croydon Saffron Farm.  Also lending support to the long-term sustainability of our wonderful parks and open spaces and community gardens and their respective friends groups.

Keep an eye on this website as we look to kickstart our environmental projects. This could be your starting point to get involved with Croydon’s environmental scene.

As of November 2023 we have a charity called Croydon Circular Economy.

2024 .We are looking for someone to lead wood upcycling projects in a well equipped workshop on the Croydon ReUse site at Reeves Corner. Can you spare time to lead workshops that are fun and creative but also equip and inspire individuals with wood working skills? This could be weekends or during the week. Please get in touch if you can help.